My name is Heather Larkin. I’m a photographer.

I like the concept of April Fool’s.. when it’s funny in a nice way. I don’t like mean jokes, or jokes that make people feel bad or stupid. I like stuff that you can tell is a joke, but it’s still funny anyway.
I was sitting at lunch on a Saturday in early January 2016 with my husband and close friends of ours, Tim and Kerri. We were talking a little bit of where I wanted my business Fairyography to go in the next year, and Tim pipes up “Oh, you could just turn it into Hairyography” Just like that, just that fast, it just spilled out of his mouth and I just LOOKED at him as my mind took it and ran with it. Dying laughing, we all had ideas on what I could shoot and include, who might participate, and how likely it would be that I could make it all happen in three months before April Fools Day to get it up in time.
So the following week, I went to a photographer’s convention called Imaging USA and the album company I use and have a good relationship with (FINAO albums: https://www.finao.com/) was there and somehow their customer service rep Jamie and I got to chatting and as soon as I told her about it, she gasps “We could build a furry album!!” and it just went uphill after that. Jamie found some utterly horrible faux fur in pastel colors and I shot the images and laid out the album design. I had to get her the layout by the first week in March so she’d have time to get it built. The album really is a glory though. I unwrapped it and I couldn’t breathe for laughing. Jamie not only did that pastel faux fur, but she added rainbow rhinestones too.


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